Sunday, October 31, 2010

Membership Drama In The Summit League

There are a lot of reports and rumors out there this weekend about potential membership changes for The Summit League. What has been confirmed at this point by media outlets is that Southern Utah will be accepting an invitation to join the Big Sky Conference on Monday, as will University of North Dakota. The University of South Dakota has been linked with this story but there have not been any media reports suggesting that the school will be included here. The implications of all of this will surely not be known for some time, but in an attempt to navigate this crazy web of membership changes, I've put together the following chart which offers an incredibly early look at how conference realignment in the WAC and Big Sky could potentially impact The Summit League (click to enlarge).

Disagree or see something I missed? Please comment! Please do note that a number of the scenarios covered in this chart are based on speculation and speculation only. I attempted to note the changes that have been reported by actual media outlets or the schools themselves. We'll learn a lot more on Monday, presumably. It sure will be an interesting few days for Summit League enthusiasts. Follow the Gameplan on twitter here for up-to-the-minute links to reports.

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