Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Don't Ignore Number Thirty-Four

Back in the nascent days of this blog during the summer, we often filled our digital pages with creative posts and philosophical basketball musings. However, since there have been actual games to talk about, we've more or less stuck to left brain endeavors around these parts. But never fear, creative enthusiasts, for today we have a wonderful piece that should please right-brained readers. Our guest poet today is Ryan Pravato, a friend and blogger who has previously written basketball poems dedicated to everyone from marginal NBA role player John Crotty to NBA All-Star Chris Paul. After a bit of time off the blogging circuit, the young lad is back at it with Stacheketball, an NBA blog that booms with creativity. For now, we present you his wonderful rhyme about none other than Oakland senior center Keith Benson:
Five years ago he was just another project
making something out of nothing was the object
Why Kampe took a flyer on the local Country Day kid
your guess is as good as any, just be glad he did
The maturation process has had many steps
the progress steady, by-product of God knows how many reps
The NBA scouts have noticed, their fine-toothed combs entact
matched up against all the top schools, they’re keen on how he’ll react

He’s unassuming, as calculating as a praying mantis
he’ll tiptoe weak side and swat that weak shot across campus
clearing out the paint a la Mutombo, he don’t wag though
splashing j’s from beyond the arc, smooth as a young Marlon Brando
He makes his talents seem ordinary, he blends right in
having the Thrill’s talents beside doesn’t hurt, much to the opponents' chagrin

Up twenty down twenty his demeanor is the same
that frame with that game, you’ll have no choice but to remember his name
There’s no self advertising, no cocky vibe
his game does the talking, all athletes shall subscribe
The book is far from closed on his stint as a Grizzly
nothing to lose, so much to prove, still content on making teams dizzy

Some have never heard him so much utter a word
it’s the mystery behind the kid that keeps so many allured
The Summit has by now learned the ultimate lesson
you want a W, you must go through OU’s Keith Benson
If you dig Ryan's work, be sure to check out Stacheketball where we hear he might be coming up with more rhymes about the NBA's forgotten players. In the meantime, we'll keep bugging him to get us one about Ilija!

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