Monday, January 3, 2011

Will Hudson: Rebounds Like A Dog

The folks over at WXOU, Oakland's student radio station, had a great interview with OU coach Greg Kampe today in the return of the Greg Kampe Show. While the hour-long discussion touched on a number of subjects, the most interesting nugget came when the conversation turned to Will Hudson's rebounding ability. Host Matt Pocket pointed out that Will Hudson was second in the nation in raw offensive rebounding figures (per some intuitive digging by Oakland Post writer Dan Fenner), which prompted Coach Kampe to get his fireside chat on:
"I use the story that I have a dog. Every time the doorbell rings my dog runs to the front door to say 'Hi' to the person who rang the doorbell. In all the time I've had the dog, it's never been for him. The person that came to the door has never come to the door to see my dog. But that doesn't stop my dog. Every time it rings, he goes. And that's how Will rebounds. Every shot goes up, he goes to the boards. Even if it's not going to come off on his side, if it appears its going in, if its a lay-up, he goes every time, and he's rewarded for that. We want him to rebound like my dog."
Gotta love Coach Kampe's quips. It's a fitting analogy considering how aggressive Hudson has been on the offensive glass not just this season, but most of his career as a Golden Grizzly. Coach Kampe also noted that there have been a couple of NBA folks who have called him about Will, mentioning that a Summer League invite could be in the senior's future. Big things for The Thrill. For that, we dedicated this image to Will's monster season thus far.

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  1. Word has it Kampe's dog has a great vert. and wingspan, but whether eligibility could run out in dog years is a hot topic. Stay tuned.